Meadow Gold Ice Cream


Design, Social Media Management, Website


Meadow Gold is the then newcomer in the saturated premium ice cream segment full of well-established brands like Haagen-Dazs and Baskin Robbins. We launched a Facebook Page and built a website for the brand to mark its official entrance to the interactive region with the aim to raise brand awareness among the young ice cream lovers.

Despite the stiff competition, Meadow Gold is able to achieve an impressive 70,000+ fans in just one and a half year’s time.


We target the Facebook posts to serve as the constant marketing effort in sustaining the brand exposure by showcasing Meadow Gold in gorgeous pictures and videos. Several contests have successfully brought up the traffic and fan engagement on the social media with remarkable results.

Meanwhile, we positioned the website as the all-in-one station for everything about Meadow Gold from product information to mini-game, news and photo gallery to strengthen the promotional endeavour. Elements in letting the brand to stand out among the crowded market have been planned prior to starting on the website design to better distinguish Meadow Gold from the competitors.